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William Cruz is one of the most dynamic, humorous and inspirational speakers on intercultural communications.  As a motivational and entertaining speaker he takes his message to corporations, conferences and universities throughout the country.  He has the unique ability to create an atmosphere that is engaging and fun that enables the audience to remember and embrace new skills in communicating effectively with those who are culturally different from them.

William is a brilliant and refreshing motivator ...a different type of speaker...He uses thoroughly researched information presented in a captivating fashion that illuminates the hidden diversity that we experience everyday but never think about and he shows how these differences impact our relationships in the corporate environment.  He is charismatic, approachable and masterful at creating an atmosphere conducive to sharing experiences and opinions stimulating learning and growth.   He is respectful, dignified and inclusive which invites the audience to participate in a rewarding experience.  When he leaves the stage there remains the unmistakable warmth of having been touched, of having been enlightened, of having been empowered.

“One of the most rewarding and enjoyable communication workshops ever attended...

It spoke to cultural awareness in a manner that was educational, not offensive.

I felt, as an Anglo male, I was not on trial for my beliefs: only that

we need to be aware of differences and try to work for

compromise and understanding.”

              “He brought to light many issues that I didn’t realize were present.”

“I’ve been to other Diversity workshops but may I say that this one has opened my eyes more.”

“... I think it contributed very much to narrowing the cultural gap.”

“I learned a lot of useful things that as an Anglo, I was not aware of.

Very helpful to me as a manager. Thank You!”

 “Best diversity discussion on cultural differences I have heard.”

    "Absolutely fantastic presentation." 

"William is an extremely dynamic speaker.  His insight and research is exemplary.  His presentation format and manner is captivating."


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